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Near North Music is based in small-town Smithers in north-central British Columbia and is helmed by Frank Hoorn, who brings to his daily tasks a vast and varied experience in both the arts and business sectors.

A dozen years spent as environment coordinator at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, several seasons of hosting a Vancouver Coop Radio folk show, and recording two albums with the help of top musicians has resulted in an ability to appreciate quality musical performances. Attending the Vancouver School of Art & Montreal’s School of Modern Photography further helped him to develop a keen eye for aiding artists and presenters alike with the creation of effective promotional materials.

In addition, a teaching career of 13 years has provided crucial planning, record-keeping and evaluating skills, while 18 years of store-front retail ownership has brought valuable experience in customer relations, financial management, purchasing and negotiating – all of which help to keep the needs of both artists and presenters equally in mind!

Since its  beginnings in 2004, the agency’s roster composition has evolved naturally and the focus on artists from a cross-section of genres has remained constant. We currently choose to work with four (fabulous!) artists from across Canada + their collaboration projects, operating as a booking agency and in a consulting management role for selected artists.

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Upcoming Events

Here’s a bit of what Near North Music has been & will be busy with in 2019/2020 and beyond!

February 2019 – Folk Alliance International – Montreal, QC
April 2019 – Pacific Contact – Vancouver, BC
May 2019 –  Capacoa Agent/Manager Meeting + Kobo Town @ National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON.
August 2019 – Edmonton Folk Music Festival, AB.
October 2019 – WOMEX, Tampere, Finland.
January 2020 – Folk Alliance International, New Orleans, USA.
Spring & Summer 2020 – all conferences and festivals have been cancelled for 2020 but performances are being re-booked into 2021/2022.
Fall 2020 – there will be exciting developments for roster artists presenting their future albums and collaborations with everyone!
Winter/Spring 2021 – artists will be returning to the stages if all goes well and conferences will be considered on a one by one basis!

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